Four Great Songs You May Not Know By The Beach Boys

It’s Summer, babies! Woo hoo!

The Beach Boys have always been one of my favorite groups and they are, undeniably, one of the ultimate Summer bands.

Most people know at least some of their songs, but the following tunes were never big hits on the radio, so you just might not know them.

Trust me. They’re awesome songs.

Let us begin…

This one is fairly new. “From There To Back Again” comes from their awesome 2012 reunion album, THAT’S WHY GOD MADE THE RADIO, which I’d personally rank as one of their best albums. This one has great lead vocals from Al Jardine and exceptional background vocals from the rest of the boys. I loved it from the first time I heard it.

“Goin’ On” is my favorite from their 1980 album, KEEPIN’ THE SUMMER ALIVE. I love, love, love singing along to this one. This one was released as a single but it didn’t go too far on the charts. Too bad. I think it’s definitely one of their best later songs.

“Mona” comes from the 1977 album, LOVE YOU, which is really an interesting album. Some people consider it almost a Brian Wilson solo album since Brian was fully back with the group after not being very involved with them and he pretty much took total control here with the writing, vocals, production, etc.

Some fans think it’s one of their best albums ever. Some think it’s one of their worst.

Personally, I lean towards thinking it’s one of their best.

“Mona” is a great throwback and tribute to the kinds of songs from the 1960’s that Brian loved so much. Brian LOVED the music of Phil Spector and you can totally here it here. He even mentions Spector in it. Fun, fun song.

“All This Is That” comes from The Beach Boys’ 1972 album, CARL AND THE PASSIONS – SO TOUGH. This song was heavily influenced by transcendental meditation, which Mike Love and some of the other band members were heavily into at the time. Kind of a “hippie song,” in that regard, I suppose, but I totally love it.

I love closing my eyes and listening to this one. Very peaceful. Plus, it’s also fun to sing along with. As always, the vocals by the guys are awesome.

Have a great Summer.  🙂


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