My Fun Tip On How to ALWAYS Remember Names!


I recently came up with a sure-fire (and fun!) way to always remember someone’s name when I meet them. What I do is imagine the person in a very unique situation with someone else who has the same first name as them.

Let me give you some examples.

I have a co-worker named Jennifer. It’s a lovely name, but let’s face it, it’s very common and might be easy to forget. What I did when I met Jennifer was that I imagined her passionately kissing actress Jennifer Aniston. Thereafter, whenever I saw Jennifer at work, I thought of her kissing Jennifer Aniston and I instantly remembered that her name was Jennifer!

You might be wondering what to do if the person you’re meeting isn’t attractive and you’d rather not put them in the above kind of situation in your mind.

Well, here’s another example.

I recently met a woman named Catherine. Nice woman, but far from attractive. To put it bluntly, Catherine looks likes someone hit her in the face 20 twenty times with a brick. To remember her name, I imagined her taking an art class. She’s standing there sketching the nude model who is standing at the front of the classroom – actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Boom! That scene in my head always makes me remember that the bricked-faced lady is named Catherine.

The examples above are obviously about women, so let me give you one with men in them.

Not too long ago, I met a guy named Larry. To remember his name, I imagined him sitting at The Regal Beagle Bar from the T.V. show Three’s Company. As you Three’s Company fans will remember, there was a character on the show named Larry. Well, that Larry walks up to the other Larry and challenges him to arm wrestle.

As they’re arm wrestling, another character from the show, Stanley Roper, is watching them and he says, “My money’s on Larry.”

Bam! Now I’ll always remember the new Larry’s name now.

So, there you go. Do your own version of what I wrote above and you’ll always remember names.

Have fun with it!

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