A Tower of Me

The park bench has mud all around it. I’m sure that there are other benches I could choose to sit on, but this one calls out to me. If my shoes get a little muddy, then so what?

Everything else about the bench is perfect. It’s away from the regular path that most people walk in the park. There are wonderful views in every direction I could look. Also, most importantly to me, there is quiet.

I sit and look at a large tree directly in front of me. I don’t know the names of the different types of trees. Is this one oak? A redwood? A fleetwood? Probably none of those, but I am sure it is wood.

I am also sure that it is beautiful.

Career-LadderI try to figure out how tall it is. My height is just under six feet, so I imagine myself standing in front of the tree. A small army of clones of me stand nearby. There is a ladder near us that is a little taller than the tree.

One of my clones climbs onto the ladder and steps off of it to stand on my shoulders. Another clone gets on the ladder and then gets on the first clone’s shoulders.

Each of the clones does the same thing and shortly there is a little Tower of Me. There are 13 of us and our tower is exactly as tall as the tree. I use the calculator on my phone and see that the Tower of Me is just under 78 feet tall.

My clones carefully climb off of each other and make their way down the ladder. We take down the ladder and I look at the side of it and see there is writing on it that says the ladder is 77.5 feet tall.

I very briefly get upset that I had not seen that earlier and saved us the trouble of making the Tower of Me, but I push away the frustration and let myself appreciate the time I had just spent with my clones.

It is so rare that all of us are able to get together at the same time.

One of my clones suggests that we all go out together for breakfast. Another suggests that we can split the check. I agree to it, even though I know I am the only one of us who has any money and I’ll end up getting stuck with the whole bill. Since they are identical to me, I know what they will all crave for breakfast.

I just hope we can find a place that has enough bacon and coffee to make us all happy.

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