My Most Favorite Thing

The day started like most days. We woke in our bed and she made a joke about how crazy I drove her with my snoring during the night. It was probably the five-thousandth time she made the joke, and I sincerely laughed for probably the five-thousandth time.

She smiled at me and then we leaned in close to each other and kissed. We pecked each other on the lips. Then quickly did it again. The next kiss came and it lasted much longer than the other ones did. We kept kissing and I did what I always do when we kiss…

I got lost.

bedLost in her and lost in us. Lost in the very real dream that is my life.

As we continued to kiss, it dawned on me that if someone were to ask me what my most favorite thing in the world is, I would say, without a doubt, that it was kissing my wife. It fills my heart each and every time.

We eventually made it out of bed and went about the rest of the morning. In the middle of the afternoon, we decided to lie back down in bed and listen to some music.

Before the first song had even finished, we were kissing again. It was even more incredible than it had been in the morning. It wasn’t long before we both got undressed.

This led to…well, exactly where you think it led to. I’m not going to say much more about it here. I love my wife entirely too much to share the details of those intimate moments with anyone other than her.

I’ll just say that it was absolutely amazing. It always is with us.

When we finished, I wondered if I’d been wrong earlier about kissing being my most favorite thing in the world. Maybe, what I’d just done with my wife, was my absolute most favorite.

Then again, why can’t it be a tie between the two things? hands

We drifted off to sleep. When we awoke a few hours later, I wrapped my arms around her and held her as tightly as I could. No words were spoken by either of us. None needed to be. Holding her like that was exactly what each of us wanted. Needed.

There’s nothing like holding her. I could never have enough time doing it. There’s never a point when I want to let go.

I wondered if this was actually it. Was holding her truly my most favorite thing in the world? It certainly felt like it, but so did the other two things.

I decided it was a three-way tie.

We laid there for a little while longer. She touched my cheek and looked into my eyes. “I love you more than anything,” she said.

Okay, so I guess that’s it. It’s a four-way tie for my most favorite thing in the world.

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