#BeingBuddy: Staycations Can Be The Best Vacations


Vacations are great, aren’t they? We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time and vacations are a perfect way to do that. My wife and I are on vacation right now and it’s been wonderful.

So, where did we go this week? Well, not very far. In fact, we had to drive somewhere yesterday and it was the first time in six days that we even got into our car. We’ve either been staying inside relaxing together or we’ve been going on walks to nearby parks like the one in the above picture.


Oh, my goodness. What the heck happened to my hair? Well, thankfully, nothing for real. One of the relaxing and downright silly things I’ve done this week is to play with apps that do things like that. I also found a groovy one that made me look 30 years older.


Rock on, Old Buddy. Rock on!

So, what else have I done this week? Well, Lisa and I both spent a lot of time writing. She’s gotten a lot of work done on her new book and I’ve done a lot of work on mine. Neither of us have put too much pressure on ourselves, though. If we felt like writing, we did. If we didn’t, we didn’t. After all, we’re on vacation! What I think is especially cool is that I bet that part of the reason we were both able to accomplish so much is because of how relaxed we’ve been.

IMG_1419 Even our cat Nikita embraced the spirit of Vacation Week and decided to take it easy most of the days. Alright, come to think of it, she does this every day anyway…but still, I think she has the right idea here.

You know what else we did? Color and draw! Here’s my favorite creation of the week:


And you know what? It really has been all good. I’d rank this as one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. I have absolutely no problem with people going away on trips for vacations and I often love to do it myself. Traveling can be wonderful. In fact, we’re planning a big getaway next year and I know it will be awesome.

But there’s a lot to be said for just staying at home and having a “staycation.” It’s nice to not have to worry about traveling anywhere and being able to just totally take it easy at home.

I highly, highly recommend it.


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