Welcome Aboard!

Hi there. I’m a fiction writer, a pop culture junkie, and the former host of a few shows on YouTube: Buddy’s Writing Show, Sunday Night Fiction Club, and Walking Buddy.

I’ll get back to doing some sort of show in the not-too-distant future, but my main focus right now is on fiction writing.

What sort of fiction do I write? Well, I’m interested in writing in multiple genres. Mysteries, romance, paranormal…I want to try them all.

Why not, right?

I’m very excited about a few things I’m currently working on. More info to come here soon about them!

So, what will be the main sorts of things here on my site other than info about my upcoming fiction?

Well, I’ll be sharing a mix of things: stories, reviews, random thoughts, wacky videos, etc. No matter what sort of fiction I write, a lot of humor usually makes its way into my works, so there’s an incredibly strong chance that there’s going to be a lot of humorous things here.

My main goal for this site is to keep it light and keep it fun.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you come again and we share some smiles and laughs together.

All the best,

Buddy Gott

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