My Fun Tip On How to ALWAYS Remember Names!


I recently came up with a sure-fire (and fun!) way to always remember someone’s name when I meet them. What I do is imagine the person in a very unique situation with someone else who has the same first name as them.

Let me give you some examples.

I have a co-worker named Jennifer. It’s a lovely name, but let’s face it, it’s very common and might be easy to forget. What I did when I met Jennifer was that I imagined her passionately kissing actress Jennifer Aniston. Thereafter, whenever I saw Jennifer at work, I thought of her kissing Jennifer Aniston and I instantly remembered that her name was Jennifer!

You might be wondering what to do if the person you’re meeting isn’t attractive and you’d rather not put them in the above kind of situation in your mind.

Well, here’s another example.

I recently met a woman named Catherine. Nice woman, but far from attractive. To put it bluntly, Catherine looks likes someone hit her in the face 20 twenty times with a brick. To remember her name, I imagined her taking an art class. She’s standing there sketching the nude model who is standing at the front of the classroom – actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Boom! That scene in my head always makes me remember that the bricked-faced lady is named Catherine.

The examples above are obviously about women, so let me give you one with men in them.

Not too long ago, I met a guy named Larry. To remember his name, I imagined him sitting at The Regal Beagle Bar from the T.V. show Three’s Company. As you Three’s Company fans will remember, there was a character on the show named Larry. Well, that Larry walks up to the other Larry and challenges him to arm wrestle.

As they’re arm wrestling, another character from the show, Stanley Roper, is watching them and he says, “My money’s on Larry.”

Bam! Now I’ll always remember the new Larry’s name now.

So, there you go. Do your own version of what I wrote above and you’ll always remember names.

Have fun with it!


On Friday, October 31, 2014, I married my best friend and soulmate, the incredibly lovely and wonderful Lisa Gott.


What can I say about this? Any words used by a mere mortal such as myself could never truly convey how amazing I feel right now (and how I know I’m going to feel for the rest of my life!)

We all spend a lot of time throughout our single lives dreaming about the one person who will truly capture our hearts one day.

When I met Lisa, she blew away all those dreams. I’m happier than I ever thought I could possibly be.

Our wedding ceremony was short, simple, and very relaxed. There were smiles, laughs, a few tears, and complete joy between us.

It felt absolutely perfect.

So, I invite you to watch our ceremony and share with me what was the most wonderful event in my life.  🙂


Four Great Pre-Dark Side Songs By Pink Floyd

Most music lovers own a copy of Pink Floyd’s classic 1973 album DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. It was undeniably the album that made them household names and all of the later albums released by them were also big hits.

I think what a lot of people don’t realize is just how much music the band released before DARK SIDE. There were seven albums and multiple singles before then.

Here are four of my favorites from that period:

“Summer ’68” is from the band’s 1970 album, ATOM HEART MOTHER. This one doesn’t sound much like what a lot of people would consider a “typical” Pink Floyd song. Some have even said that the layers of the vocal harmonies are similar to the sounds of The Beach Boys. It was written and sung by Richard Wright. I’ve always thought that Rick Wright was a little underrated as a singer and songwriter within the band and this is one of my favorites by him.

“Fearless” came from Floyd’s awesome 1971 album, MEDDLE. It was released as the B-side of the single for “One Of These Days” and was considered to be sort of an underground hit for the band. You can hear parts of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Rodgers & Hammerstein in this fantastic track.

“Free Four” is from one of my favorite albums by the band – OBSCURED BY CLOUDS from 1972. The song begins with a regular rock and roll count in, but the band members played with the regular words a bit and recorded them as “One, two, FREE FOUR!” It’s really a unique-sounding song. The music is very happy-sounding but the lyrics tell a somewhat cynical and depressing story. Don’t let that scare you, though. It’s a fun and fantastic song.

“Wot’s…Uh The Deal” is also from the OBSCURED BY CLOUDS album. I’ve always loved this song and I rank it in my Top Five Favorite Songs by the band. The video I’ve posted above is from a 2006 concert by David Gilmour. What’s awesome is that Richard Wright joined David for this tour and he can be seen and heard here in this wonderful performance of the song.

Now…go and do yourself a favor and listen to more stuff by Pink Floyd. You’ll be happy you did. 🙂

Have a fantastic day!


Four Great Songs You May Not Know From The 1980’s

Here’s some songs that you may not know from the 1980’s. None of these were huge hits on the radio at the time, but damn it, they should have been.

“What’s He Got” was a fantastic power pop song by The Producers. I’ve always said that these guys should have been hugely popular. Sadly, like a lot of acts, they kind of got screwed over by their record companies and they never got promoted the way they should have been. It’s a shame because they had a lot of awesome songs. I still frequently listen to their debut album from 1981, which this song came from.  The song never really got much airplay on the radio, but this video was in high rotation on MTV for a long time.

Want to hear a nearly flawless debut pop album? Then go and listen to PLAY DEEP, released by The Outfield in 1985. This was the first of four singles from it. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song from that album, but this one is definitely in the running.

Tommy Shaw will probably always be best known for being in the band Styx, where he sang lead on such classic songs as “Renegade” and “Too Much Time On My Hands,” but he’s also had some very good solo music over the years. This is the title track from his great debut solo album in 1984 called GIRLS WITH GUNS. This song rocks!

“She’s Tight” came from Cheap Trick’s 1982 album, ONE ON ONE. This one was big on MTV, but it only made it to #65 on the U.S. charts, which always surprised me because it’s a great song. It’s also a very fun video. Enjoy!


Four Great Songs You May Not Know By The Beach Boys

It’s Summer, babies! Woo hoo!

The Beach Boys have always been one of my favorite groups and they are, undeniably, one of the ultimate Summer bands.

Most people know at least some of their songs, but the following tunes were never big hits on the radio, so you just might not know them.

Trust me. They’re awesome songs.

Let us begin…

This one is fairly new. “From There To Back Again” comes from their awesome 2012 reunion album, THAT’S WHY GOD MADE THE RADIO, which I’d personally rank as one of their best albums. This one has great lead vocals from Al Jardine and exceptional background vocals from the rest of the boys. I loved it from the first time I heard it.

“Goin’ On” is my favorite from their 1980 album, KEEPIN’ THE SUMMER ALIVE. I love, love, love singing along to this one. This one was released as a single but it didn’t go too far on the charts. Too bad. I think it’s definitely one of their best later songs.

“Mona” comes from the 1977 album, LOVE YOU, which is really an interesting album. Some people consider it almost a Brian Wilson solo album since Brian was fully back with the group after not being very involved with them and he pretty much took total control here with the writing, vocals, production, etc.

Some fans think it’s one of their best albums ever. Some think it’s one of their worst.

Personally, I lean towards thinking it’s one of their best.

“Mona” is a great throwback and tribute to the kinds of songs from the 1960’s that Brian loved so much. Brian LOVED the music of Phil Spector and you can totally here it here. He even mentions Spector in it. Fun, fun song.

“All This Is That” comes from The Beach Boys’ 1972 album, CARL AND THE PASSIONS – SO TOUGH. This song was heavily influenced by transcendental meditation, which Mike Love and some of the other band members were heavily into at the time. Kind of a “hippie song,” in that regard, I suppose, but I totally love it.

I love closing my eyes and listening to this one. Very peaceful. Plus, it’s also fun to sing along with. As always, the vocals by the guys are awesome.

Have a great Summer.  🙂