Karma Police: Karma Police, Book 2 by Sean Platt and David W. Wright

karma police


“EveryDay” meets “Quantum Leap’ in “Jumper,” the thrilling new series from the bestselling authors of “Yesterday’s Gone.”

I am a Jumper — someone stuck waking up in a new body every day or so.

I don’t know why this is happening. Nor do I remember anything of my life prior to this.

But when I begin to hear strange staticky messages, I run into someone from my past. Someone who not only knows who I am, but WHAT I am.

And now I find myself waking up on the same street every day in a different neighbor’s life.

The one thing they all have in common: their proximity to an abusive man who is a threat to the woman and child living with him.

What if the only way to save them is to kill a man in cold blood, before he’s even committed a crime?

“Karma Police” is the second novella in the “Karma Police” series by Sean Platt and David Wright. Each book is a standalone story in the series, with three books coming out in the first half of 2016 and another three planned for later this year.


I loved the first book of this series, so I was cautiously optimistic about this new one. Would it give me the same excitement that the first book gave me? Would I love it as much?

The answer to both questions is a very big YES.

If you enjoyed the first book, Jumper, then do not hesitate in reading The Karma Police. If you haven’t read the first one yet, go check it out. It’s a great read!

Personally, I enjoyed this book even more than Jumper, which surprised me since I loved that book so much. I found this new one to be even more exciting and more entertaining.

As for the ending of the book, I’ll just say this…

I’m already ready for Book #3!

Bring it on, Mr. Platt and Mr. Wright!

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Have a great day!

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Buddy’s Writing Show: Fiction Unboxed with Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright!

I’m doing this posting before we do the show (LIVE at 1:30 PM EST on 4/29/14) because I’m super-excited about Fiction Unboxed and wanted to share some links for the project and other sites related to Johnny, Sean, and Dave with you.

Got your finger-clicking fingers, ready? Awesome! Here you go:

Fiction Unboxed: Change The World With A Story!

The Self Publishing Podcast

Collective Inkwell

Realm And Sands

David W. Wright – Home of The Walking Dave (and other cool stuff!) 

Walking Mania with Me and My Friends!

My pal, writer David Wright, recently started up a podcast called The Walking Dave. He’d been wanting to get both healthier and do a solo podcast, so he combined the two things and came up with this great new show.

One of the very cool things about this is that Dave inadvertently inspired others to create their own similar shows. The video above is my first episode and I had a lot of fun doing it. I think I’m going to do one or two episodes a week. My plan is to take two or three random topics and talk about them in the time it takes me to walk one complete mile. I figure most of the episodes will run around 15-20 minutes. I’m doing the next one tomorrow and I’m super-psyched about it!

This whole Walking Podcast (or Walking Vlog, if you prefer) thing is taking off quickly. Here’s a few others that have recently popped up:

This one is from writer L.M. Stull, a very talented writer who also happens to be my amazing girlfriend.

This is The Walking Rob. Rob is also a writer, though I’m not dating him. I’m enjoying his show quite a bit. He’s a cool guy.


This is writer Michael La Ronn’s podcast. Like Dave’s podcast (here’s his link again) this is audio-only. Michael is also a writer (and also someone I’m not dating.) He’s a cool guy and it’s a great podcast. Check it out!

Speaking of out…I’m outta here! I got me some walking to do…