Today is my ONE YEAR Anniversary of Not Smoking!

I’m very, very happy to announce that today marks one full year since I quit smoking. I smoked for a VERY long time – over 30 years.

During those decades, I tried to quit smoking dozens of times by using various techniques. You name it and I probably tried: pills, nicotine gum, the patch, hypnosis, etc.

I think none of it worked for me because I didn’t really want it to. Like most people who smoke for a long time, I absolutely loved smoking. I had no real desire to quit. Part of me always knew that I’d quit someday, but I just wasn’t there yet.

But then things changed for me after I met and married my wonderful Lisa. I just love her so incredibly much!  I knew that I wanted as many healthy years with her as I possible, so the smoking just had to go.


Several days before I quit, I had set August 8, 2015 to be my last day smoking. I told myself that I was going to do it cold turkey. I didn’t want to cut down first and slowly ease my way off of the cigarettes. I also didn’t want to use any sorts of products, such as a patch, that contained nicotine. Those can be very effective quitting methods for a lot of people, but they take a little bit longer than I wanted to take. I wanted to get all nicotine out of my system as quickly as possible so that my body could start healing as quickly as possible.

And you know what’s very cool? In the days leading up to my last day of smoking, I had no doubts at all as to whether or not I’d be able to quit. I absolutely knew I was going to do it this time. My mind was made up and my heart was totally in it.

After my last cigarette, my body definitely went through withdrawals and I did physically crave cigarettes. My mind didn’t crave them, but my body still did. That part of it wasn’t easy. But I knew it was just a temporary situation and I just had to wait it out. Sure enough, in a very short time, the nicotine was totally out of my system and the physical cravings were completely gone.

With each passing day, I felt better and better. Over the past year, my body has healed a lot from not smoking. I’m now more physically active than I’ve ever been before. Lisa and I take longs walks together almost every day and I feel fantastic. Also, I’ve grown to appreciate nature in ways that I never had in the past. If you had told Smoker Buddy a couple of years ago that going on Nature Hikes was going to be something that he loved doing, he’d have said you were crazy!


Ex-Smoker Buddy thinks much, much differently.

I am a very proud ex-smoker and I am never going back again.


Walking Mania with Me and My Friends!

My pal, writer David Wright, recently started up a podcast called The Walking Dave. He’d been wanting to get both healthier and do a solo podcast, so he combined the two things and came up with this great new show.

One of the very cool things about this is that Dave inadvertently inspired others to create their own similar shows. The video above is my first episode and I had a lot of fun doing it. I think I’m going to do one or two episodes a week. My plan is to take two or three random topics and talk about them in the time it takes me to walk one complete mile. I figure most of the episodes will run around 15-20 minutes. I’m doing the next one tomorrow and I’m super-psyched about it!

This whole Walking Podcast (or Walking Vlog, if you prefer) thing is taking off quickly. Here’s a few others that have recently popped up:

This one is from writer L.M. Stull, a very talented writer who also happens to be my amazing girlfriend.

This is The Walking Rob. Rob is also a writer, though I’m not dating him. I’m enjoying his show quite a bit. He’s a cool guy.

This is writer Michael La Ronn’s podcast. Like Dave’s podcast (here’s his link again) this is audio-only. Michael is also a writer (and also someone I’m not dating.) He’s a cool guy and it’s a great podcast. Check it out!

Speaking of out…I’m outta here! I got me some walking to do…