Three Great Songs You May Not Know From The Monkees

The first group I really got into when I was a kid was The Monkees. I loved them then and I love them just as much now.

Everyone knows “I’m A Believer” and “Last Train To Clarksville” and many of their other big hits, but here are a few far less popular songs by them that you may not know. I think each of these songs is great.

“Come On In” is a rarity by the group that was never released when they were together. It showed up decades later on the fantastic rarities release called MISSING LINKS: VOLUME TWO. Another thing kind of rare about this song is that the lead vocals are done by Peter Tork. He did a few songs here and there with the group, but they were few and far between on the albums. This is one of my favorites that he sings.

“Don’t Call On Me” is a song I’m crazy about by Michael Nesmith. Most of his stuff with the group had sort of a country sound to it and those songs were quite awesome.  This one is totally not  country but still awesome. I think I heard it described once as “lounge music.” I love it!  P.S. – This one is from their fantastic album PISCES, AQUARIAUS, CAPRICORN, & JONES LTD.

“Someday Man” is another rare one that was originally released as the B-side of The Monkees’ “Listen To The Band” single. This one was written by legendary songwriter Paul Williams and it features the late, great Davy Jones on lead vocals. I love “Listen To The Band,” but I kind of wish this one had been the A-side of that single. I think it could have been a big hit for them.

Have a great week, my friends! I’ll be back with another musical posting next Monday.  🙂